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Benefits of Gender Equality in the Workplace

By: Joshua C. Black, Esq.

Today is International Women’s Day. Recognized annually on March 8, this day marks a time when countries across the world celebrate the achievements of women, female history-makers and those who champion change for females in all walks of life.

First celebrated in 1911, International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to not only acknowledge women who have made strides in the workplace and as decision-makers in positions of power, like the government, but also to encourage future generations to focus on the importance of gender equality and the distinct benefits of a more inclusive world.

For businesses, ensuring a diverse workforce can lead to positive effects across an organization. However, to do this successfully, leaders must provide a seat at the decision-making table for women. Additionally, a concerted effort from business owners and leaders needs to be made to break down historic and cultural barriers and guarantee resources are equitably distributed among a diverse population including women and people of color.

Research shows hiring and promoting women is advantageous for businesses in many ways. Companies that aren’t aggressively trying to hire women are missing out on the talents and abilities of half the world’s population. For organizations, having a mix of men and women on a team means they benefit from different points of view and methodologies that come from unique life experiences. An array of perspectives typically sparks creativity and drives innovation.

A well-rounded workforce helps organizations spot and seize new opportunities too. It provides room for organizational growth that may have been overlooked without certain employees’ unique perspectives. Having females on a team helps improve the overall process, boosts cooperation and enhances problem-solving skills of the collective group.

Researchers have observed that women have stronger intuition and collaboration skills, and excel at reading nonverbal cues. They also concluded that groups with more women are better at taking turns in conversation, helping to make the most of a group’s combined knowledge and skill set.

Having an inclusive culture in the workplace boosts morale, encourages professional growth and drives satisfaction among employees. On average, diverse workplaces tend to have lower employee turnover, which provides a significant business advantage when it comes to paying for recruitment, on-boarding and training.

Historically, in order to enact lasting change, both men and women need to work together to tackle workplace inequality. Along with identifying gender disparity, the challenge includes questioning stereotypes, identifying hidden biases and helping forge an inclusive business setting.

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