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Court Admissions


Joshua is licensed to practice in all Arizona courts and to practice before the United States District Court, District of Arizona.


Professional Associations

Arizona Employment Lawyers Association, Treasurer

State Bar of Arizona - Employment Law Section, Member

Arizona Cannabis Bar Association, Member

Maricopa County Bar Association, Member

Polo Cares, Inc., Board Member


JD, cum laude, Arizona Summit Law School.  Joshua was a Merit Scholar and the recipient of CALI awards in Evidence and the Law of Armed Conflict.  He was also the Senior IT Editor for the Arizona Summit Law Review.


BA, summa cum laude, Aurora University.  Joshua was a member of Alpha Phi Sigma national honor society.


Can My Service Animal Accompany Me to Work?,, August 2023, author.


Understanding Your Rights: Taking Time Off for Mental Health in Phoenix, Arizona,, July 2023, author.


Are My Political Views Protected at Work?,, July 2023, author.


Can I Date My Boss? Navigating Workplace Relationships and the Legal Landscape of Sexual Harassment,, July 2023, author.


What happens to My Work Visa If I am an Immigrant and Get Terminated from My Job?,, June 2023, author.


Can My Employer Deny My Reasonable Vacation Request?,, June 2023, author.


Can I Discuss My Pay Raise with Coworkers Even if the Company Frowns on It?,, June 2023, author.


Medical Marijuana at Work: Still a Sticky (Icky) Situation,, June 2023, author.


Understanding the Distinction: At-Will Employment vs. Right to Work,, June 2023, author.


The Truth About Salary and Overtime Pay,, May 2023, author.


Gender Equality Provides Benefits for the Workplace - Your Turn, Arizona Republic, March 12, 2022, author/guest columnist.


Arizona Minimum Wage Set to Increase on New Years Day, Arizona Attorney Magazine, January 2021, author.


Holiday Party Mandates - Your Turn, Arizona Republic, December 18, 2021, author/guest columnist.


Workers' Rights are Human Rights,, December 2021, author.


Understanding the Employment Rights of Veterans, Arizona Republic, November 12, 2021, author/guest columnist.


How to Accommodate Religion in the Workplace,, November 2021, author.


Halloween Do's and Don'ts at the Office,, October 2021, author.


Minimum Wage Set to Increase on New Year's Day in Arizona,, October 2021, author. 


Hispanic Heritage Month and the Workplace,, September 2021, author. 


Teachers Rights in the Classroom as COVID Cases Rise,, August 2021, author. 

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Workplace Sexual Harassment in the News Again,, August 2021, author.


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Can Teachers be Held Liable for COVID Outbreaks in the Classroom?,, July 2021, author.


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Combating Ageism at Work,, June 2021, author.

Understanding LGBTQ+ Workplace Rights,, June 2021, author.


Get paid $2000 to go back to work!,, May 2021, author.


Are you required to include gender pronouns in your signature line at work?,, May 2021, author.


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Tax Break for Workers with Unemployment Income, Thanks to the American Rescue Plan,, April 2021, author.


Covid-19 Safety Concerns at Work?,, March 2021, author.

Benefits of Gender Equality in the Workplace,, March 2021, author.


Can You Refuse to Return to Work and Still Get Unemployment Benefits?  The Answer is Maybe,, March 2021, author.


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Changes to Pregnancy Rights in the Workplace,, January 2021, author.


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Great News for Minimum Wage Workers!,, January 2021, author.

A Reflection on the Challenges of the Past Year and a Warm Welcome to 2021,, December 2020, author.

Is it OK to RSVP 'No' to the Company Holiday Party?,, December 2020, author.


Can Employers Mandate the COVID-19 Vaccine?,, December 2020, author.


30 Years Later, How the ADA Impacts Arizona's Workplace,, November 2020, author.


How Prop 207 and Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Affect the Workplace,, November 2020, author.


Understanding Veterans' Rights at Work,, November 2020, author.


Paid Time Off to Vote? You May Qualify!,, November 2020, author.


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Proceed With Caution: The Unrealized Cost of Pursuing Liquidated Damages Clause, published in the Arizona Journal of Business & Real Estate, August 13, 2014, and the Record Reporter, August 8, 2014, co-author.


Joshua C. Black
ManAging attorney

About Joshua


Joshua is a dedicated employment attorney who fights for the rights of employees. He takes pride in resolving workplace disputes and has been successful in all manner of employment conflicts including discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and wage disputes. 


Joshua and his team opened the Law Office of Joshua Black PLC in 2016 as a boutique law firm focusing exclusively on employment disputes. Joshua is committed to helping employees fight discrimination and mistreatment in the workplace. He believes that the most important thing an employment lawyer can do is give employees a voice when they would otherwise have none.  As a trusted ally and skilled negotiator, he has successfully resolved hundreds of matters and has made it his mission to help clients get justice and compensation for discrimination in the workplace.


Joshua has experience in both state and federal court, as well as agency proceedings before the US Department of Labor (DOL), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Arizona Attorney General Civil Rights Division (ACRD), the federal Merit System Protection Board (MSPB), and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Joshua's goal is to provide excellent legal representation to his clients while delivering compassionate advocacy.


Joshua also makes regular media appearances related to employment law and has been a guest on FOX10, 3TV/CBS 5, NBC 12, ABC 15, KJZZ, KTAR, and other news stations discussing employee rights.


Speaking Engagements

2023 and Beyond: Exploring Current Issues in Employment Law, Arizona Alarm Association, September 28, 2023 Speaker.


Navigating Workplace Vaccine Mandates and Religious Exemptions, Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce, September 30, 2021, Speaker.


COVID & the Classroom: What Teachers Need to know, Arizona Professional Educators, July 31, 2021, Speaker.


What Businesses Need to Know About the COVID-19 Lawsuit Bill, Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce, April 15, 2021, Speaker.


COVID and Your Employees: Mandatory Vaccines and Other Employment Issues, Arizona Alarm Association, March 10, 2021, Speaker.


Legalization of Marijuana and the Workplace, Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce, December 9, 2020, Speaker.


Medical Marijuana & the Workplace, Arizona State Bar Annual Convention, December 2, 2020, Speaker.


Employment Laws & Workers' Compensation in a COVID World, Maricopa County Bar Association, October 8, 2020, Speaker.

Teachers Q&A With Employment Lawyer Joshua Black, Keep Teachers Teaching Foundation, July 20, 2020, Speaker.


ABC 15 Town Hall: Unemployment & Evictions, ABC 15 News, July 2, 2020, Speaker.


Unemployment & COVID-19, Live Webinar Series, April 13-27, 2020, Speaker.


Constructive Discharge and Coerced Resignations, Arizona Employment Lawyer's Association Annual Conference, February 28, 2020, Speaker.

Navigating Toxic Employment Relationships, Labor & Employment Law Section, State Bar of Arizona, December 17, 2018, Speaker.

Prop 206 - New Wage and Overtime Requirements, Lunch & Learn Series, February 2017, Speaker.

NLRA: Restricting Social Media at Work, Lunch & Learn Series, January 2017, Speaker.

FLSA: Overtime Review, Lunch & Learn Series, December 2016, Speaker.

An Introduction to Employment Law, Lunch & Learn Series, November 2016, Speaker.

FMLA Foundations, Lunch & Learn Series, October 2016, Speaker.


Media Appearances and Interviews 


Right to Work Challenged in Arizona, 3TV/CBS 5 News, September 26, 2023, television appearance.


Who is Responsible for Workplace Violence?, 3TV/CBS 5 News, January 18, 2023, television appearance.


End of Right to Work in Arizona?, 3TV/CBS 5 News, January 12, 2023, television appearance.


Employers Weigh in on Roe v. Wade, 3TV/CBS 5 News, June 28, 2022, television appearance.


Violence Against Gig Workers on the Rise, 3TV/CBS 5 News, April 14, 2022, television appearance.

Wilks Joins NFL Discrimination Lawsuit, 3TV/CBS 5 News, April 7, 2022, television appearance.


Top Lawyers: Joshua C Black on the 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law, Authority Magazine, April 6, 2022, interviewed.


Parenting in Pandemic Causing Child Care Stress, Fox 10 News, February 8, 2022, television appearance.


Airport Workers to Strike During Holidays, 3TV/CBS 5 News, November 18, 2021, television appearance.


Valley Pilot on Unpaid Leave Wants to Fly, Channel 12 News, November 12, 2021, television appearance.


Class Action Complaint Against Phoenix Children's Hospital, Fox 10 News, November 8, 2021, television appearance.


Vaccine Deadline For Health Care Workers, 3TV/CBS 5 News, November 1, 2021, television appearance.


Children's Hospital Released Unvaccinated Workers' Names, Arizona Republic, October 29, 2021, quoted.


Phoenix Children's Mistakenly IDs Unvaccinated Staff in Email,, October 25, 2021, quoted.


Chicago Police Union Opposes Vaccine Mandates, LiveNOW from FOX, October 19, 2021, television appearance.


The List - Largest Phoenix Employment Law Practices, The Phoenix Business Journal, September 25, 2021, ranked.


FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine, 3TV/CBS 5 News, August 24, 2021, television appearance.


Legal Limitations to Vaccine Mandates at Work, 3TV/CBS 5 News, August 11, 2021, LIVE television appearance.


Child Care Assistance for Returning Workers, Channel 10 News, July 26, 2021, LIVE television appearance.


Can Employers Mandate the Covid Vaccine?, Channel 12 News, July 21, 2021, television appearance.


Banner Mandates Employee Vaccines, 3TV/CBS 5 News, July 20, 2021, television appearance.

Ways to Bring More Women Back into the Workplace Post Pandemic, AZ Big Media, July 11, 2021, quoted.


Exceptions to Recreational Marijuana Laws, Channel 12 News, July 5, 2021, television appearance.


Working in the Heat, 3TV/CBS 5 News, June 28, 2021, television appearance.


Going Back to Work During COVID, Channel 12 News, April 29, 2021, television appearance.


Who Can Get Free COBRA and How?,, April 29, 2021, quoted.


Discussing Senate Interference with Business Rights, KFNX 1100 AM, The Mike Siegel Show, April 4, 2021, LIVE radio appearance.


Senate Bill Attempts to Restrict Rights During Covid, ABC 15 News, April 1, 2021, television appearance.


Helping Unemployed Americans Stay Insured, 3TV/CBS 5 News, March 18, 2021, television appearance.


Making Sense of It All: Business, the Law and COVID-19, Greater Phoenix In Business Magazine, Cover Story, February 2021, quoted.

Encouraging Employees to Get Vaccinated, 3TV/CBS 5 News, January 25, 2021, television appearance.

Where Arizona Stands One Year Into The Coronavirus Pandemic,, January 22, 2021, quoted.


Government Sponsored COVID-19 Leave is Over.  Should Employers Offer it Anyway?,, January 15, 2021, quoted.

Phoenix Attorney Joshua Black's Favorite Spots in Kanab, Utah, Phoenix Magazine, December 2020, profiled.


Controversial Vaccine Mandates, 3TV/CBS 5 News, December 14, 2020, television appearance.

COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Coming Soon, 3TV/CBS 5 News, December 11, 2020, television appearance.

Steps Added for Unemployment, 3TV/CBS 5 News, December 3, 2020, television appearance.

Changes to Collecting Unemployment, 3TV/CBS 5 News, December 1, 2020, television appearance.

Unemployment Recipients to Verify Identiy With New DES System,, December 1, 2020, quoted.

How Will Prop. 207 Impact Workers?, The Arizona Republic Newspaper, Cover Story, November 23, 2020, quoted.

Legal Marijuana in Arizona, Fox 10 News, November 20, 2020, television appearance.

Staying at Home & Protecting Your Job, 3TV/CBS 5 News, November 19, 2020, television appearance.

Are Your Kids Returning to Virtual Learning? Know Your Rights at Work,, November 18, 2020, quoted.

Can Your Employer Force You to Get a COVID-19 Shot?, 3TV/CBS 5 News, November 18, 2020, television appearance.

Public Health vs. Privacy Rights, 3TV/CBS 5, November 13, 2020, television appearance.

Using Experience and Expertise to Help a Community in Need, Health and Living Magazine, November 2020, profiled.

Additional Rights for Seasonal Workers, 3TV/CBS 5 News, October 27, 2020, television appearance.


What Arizona's Seasonal Workers Should Know About Their Rights During a Pandemic,, October 27, 2020, quoted.

Gilbert Town Council Moves to Block Prop 207, Fox 10 News, October 14, 2020, television appearance.

Phoenix Employment Law Attorneys Talk Workplace Rules amid Pandemic, The Phoenix Business Journal, September 25, 2020, quoted.

The List - Largest Phoenix Employment Law Practices, The Phoenix Business Journal, September 25, 2020, ranked.

Arizona Employment Lawyer Offers Mindful, Serene Approach to Legal Disputes, My Local News Arizona, September 16, 2020, profiled.

Mountainside Fitness Mask Ruling, Fox 10 News, August 5, 2020, television appearance.

Arizona Lawyers Confront the COVID Landscape, Arizona Attorney Magazine, August 2020, profiled.

Unemployment Payment Issues Hurt Arizonans Seeking Benefits,, July 25, 2020, quoted.


Unemployment Payments Delayed, NBC 4 News Tucson, July 15, 2020, television appearance.

Fraud Causing Delays in Unemployment, FOX11 News Tucson, July 14, 2020, television appearance.

Fraud & Unemployment Delays, Channel 12 News, July 14, 2020, television appearance.


Phoenix Attorney Says Mask Mandate Should Withstand Legal Challenge, KJZZ News, June 30, 2020, quoted.

Legalities of Wearing a Mask, LIVE 3TV/CBS 5 News, July 15, 2020, live television appearance.

Landmark Supreme Court Ruling, 3TV/CBS 5 News, June 16, 2020, television appearance.

Victory for LGBTQ Workers, 3TV/CBS 5 News, June 16, 2020, television appearance.

No Emergency COVID-19 Sick Leave for Scottsdale PD, Channel 12 News, May 1, 2020, television appearance.

Police Association Raises Concerns Over Scottsdale PD Not Getting Emergency COVID-19 Sick Leave,, May 1, 2020, quoted.

Denied Unemployment? You Can Appeal. Here's How.,, April 8, 2020, quoted.

Americans Denied For Unemployment, 3TV/CBS 5 News, April 8, 2020, television appearance.

Employment Attorney Talks First Time Unemployment Filing, KTAR News, April 7, 2020, quoted.

Navigating Unemployment, Fox 10 News, April 6, 2020, television appearance.

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