Starting your business 

The Law Office of Joshua Black assists entrepreneurs in realizing their goal of starting their own business. We guide our clients through the processes of determining what entity best fits their long-term business goals and assist in the creation of operational documents, bylaws, and articles of incorporation.

Helping your business Grow 

We provide personalized attention to our business clients.  We are available every step of the way to assist our clients in the day to day legal issues that arise in business.  Small and medium sized businesses have the same legal needs as larger corporations but often cant afford a full time in-house counsel.  We act as general counsel for small and medium size businesses helping to recognize and avoid legal issues before they arise.  

Employee relations 

As your business grows, adding and managing employees becomes crucial.  We assists business owners with cultivating the talent that makes their business great. We work with employers on crucial tasks such as creating employee manuals and implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal employment laws.

protecting your business 

We represent businesses in arbitrations, mediations, litigation, and appeals.  The Law Office of Joshua Black is experienced at representing business clients in civil litigation and employment disputes.  We can help guide you through the litigation process and help protect the business you have worked so hard to grow.

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